How to apply to live in the war memorial village Derby

The 45 dwellings which comprise the War Memorial Village are mainly one and two bedroom bungalows, with some three bedroom houses.

In order to qualify for a tenancy, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must have been a member of the Armed Forces or Emergency Services.

  • You must live in Derby or Derbyshire or have a connection with Derby or Derbyshire. Example are those who have served with a Derbyshire Regiment, or have a family member living in Derby or Derbyshire.

  • To be considered for the bungalows, you must have a disability – for the family housing you will need to demonstrate membership of the Armed Forces or Emergency Services and the Derby/Derbyshire connection and have a need for three-bedroom accommodations only.

  • You will be required to provide proof of the above eligibility criteria with your application. For family accommodation you must be in receipt of Child Benefit for dependent children who are to be housed with you and provide proof of this.

...The village is situated very close to all local amenities, shops of all types, hairdressers chemist, bakeries and banks. We have the local Victory Club for social events, St Martins community centre, St Edmunds Church and of course we have the local pub for a quiet chat and a drink. On the village is of course the local bus stops to take you into the city centre from your doorstep. We have a board of trustees that look after and run the village to the highest standard of which we are very proud.

Mrs Pam Doyle – Resident

How will my application be prioritised?

Applicants for the houses that meet the above criteria will join a 'date order' waiting list, unless the house has been adapted for special needs. Offers will be made in date order to the applicant who has been longest on the waiting list.

Applicants for bungalows and houses must complete the details of their disability. A points scheme will assess the difficulties your current accommodation presents due to your disability. It is important that you fully advise details of your disability. 

Within the points scheme, priority will be given in the following order to the main disabled applicant, as points are not awarded for both applicants' circumstances.

Priority is given as follows:

  1. Applicants in receipt of a War Pension.

  2. Applicants registered disabled as a result of service activity.

  3. Applicants in receipt of an Industrial Disability Pension/Allowance with previous service record.

  4. Applicants with a disability not resulting from service activity.

How do we assess your housing needs?

Derby Homes will assess your housing need by considering how your disability affects your ability to live in your present home and how the War Memorial Village's accommodation may improve your living conditions.

The type of property that you presently live in will determine how we assess your application form. Once we have determined this we will award points to determine the property type you live in. Please note the following definitions.

NO STAIRS – A bungalow or any other ground floor accommodation all on one level with reasonable mobility. Or accommodation all on one level above the ground floor but with reliable lift access and reasonable manoeuvrability.

NO MOBILITY – A bungalow or any other ground floor accommodation with restricted manoeuvrability e.g. a wheelchair cannot access all areas. 

STAIRS – A house or one level accommodation above the first floor with no lift access.